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Nature's Secrets Photography - Photography by DeeLon Merritt

Bedford, WY


Please read my entire biography to help you navigate through my site and enjoy all there is to experience.
Having had the chance to grow up in the Rockie Mountains of western Wyoming and having spent my life here, I enjoy the opportunities in which it brings for the interest I have in photography. This allows me the opportunity to get out in an evening or rise early in the morning and see what others only dream about in nature. I have the chance to view nature up close as well as off in a landscape. My goal is to, over the years, be able to bring some of these scenes, moments and dreams to life in my photographs and make them available for others to enjoy as well.
I am not a professional photographer or man of great wisdom, but I find the simple things in life fascinating and a simple thought worth thinking. Check out some of my photos with a thought and maybe you'll find a perfect saying for a card to a special someone who has touched your life in one way or another. Seems with all the hustle and bustle in the world of today, we fail to remember what really matters and I hope to bring back a little something with each photo, card or thought I post.
As you take time and look through my photos, maybe you too will be able to see what all there is in nature so often overlooked. That is what I hope to try and bring to those who visit this little sample of my work and it may be just enough to spark more interest in the beauty that lies around the corner or out in the backyard. So many places which hold and hide little things that make nature so captivating and interesting when one takes time to look and find.
Please note, if you check out my galleries, please visit them all, as I do not put pictures in multiple galleries. Each gallery holds it's own selection and every gallery is different. There are many pictures that could and do belong to many gallery subjects, but to prevent multiple listing, I have chosen to only apply them each to one of the galleries subjects. You may also select the "Artwork" tab and view each piece separately if you prefer. Please take time to visit all my galleries to get the full content of my site, Thank You!
So browse around, look at some photos, read some thoughts and enjoy a little bit of nature, solitude and pondering as the world does without you for a minute.


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